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Focused on fostering a culture of partnership, collaboration and innovation, The Agency breaks away from the traditional brokerage model, taking a collaborative approach to the business of real estate. With an aspirational lifestyle brand, The Agency gets people talking, is strategically scalable, demands brand loyalty and owns the luxury market. We’ve rekindled the lost art of white-glove service—at every price point. because at The Agency, luxury isn’t a price; It’s an experience.

Our Global Reach:  
The Agency brings its boutique approach to the world’s most coveted markets.


Revolutionizing Real Estate Is What We Do.

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The Agency is a recognizable global brand that is held in high regard across the real estate industry. Our network of agents across the world gives our clients peace of mind knowing they're going to get white glove service no matter where they're looking to buy or sell. 


Aside from the brand, the thing that stands out the most is the PEOPLE. No matter if you're selling $1 Billion dollars worth of real estate or $1M, you can always pick up the phone and call any Agency agent and they're ready to help!

- Taylor Temple

The Agency has an unwavering commitment to innovation and superior technology. This streamlines and enhances our operations, allowing me to serve my clients more efficiently. Also, with The Agency’s global network, I can connect and refer clients to top-tier agents all over the world, ensuring exceptional service regardless of location.

- Sara Kogut

Working for Agency Austin RE has provided me with invaluable opportunities for professional growth and development, allowing me to hone my skills in a dynamic and thriving industry. The supportive and collaborative work environment fosters a sense of belonging and teamwork, making each day both productive and enjoyable. Additionally, the agency's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction constantly reminds me why I'm fortunate to be part of such a dedicated and successful team.


- Jessica Patino

I LOVE being part of The Agency Austin because of the global boutique nature of our brand. There's something special about working with not onlv the most coveted real estate brand in the world but also with a brand that manifests its values in an Austin-like, authentic way.

Then there's the collaborative environment in which we operate.

Whether near or far, my colleagues across the organization are awesome. Always ready to help and unafraid to ask for support when they need it. There's a family feel to our team that is warm and invigorating. On top of that, we have a culture that is fun and a group of caring individuals that give back to the community. I couldn't be happier to be part of this team.

- Christine White

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