The Agency ShaRE: Creative Storytelling & Content Creation

The Agency ShaRE: Creative Storytelling & Content Creation

Content, content, content. It’s what people want and what everyone is striving to create in order to stand out, provide value to customers and curate a successful brand. But, creating stellar content is truly an art form, which is why The Agency’s most recent ShaRE panel brought together content experts to share their insights on bringing creative storytelling into the mix. 

The superstar panel included:

  • Giselle Ugarte, Professional Speaker, Content Coach and Creator 
  • Matthew Kan, Chief Marketing Officer, Luxury Listings
  • Matt Lionetti, Agent and Managing Director, The Agency Toronto West
  • Makenzie Green, VP of Vibes, The Agency
  • Sponsored by New American Funding
In the session, they discussed how to be authentic, effectively engage audiences across all platforms, how to structure your content to create an emotional impact and maintain audience interest. They also lend tips for choosing the right platform, building a consistent brand story, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and leveraging visual storytelling and user-generated content. Finally, they touch on measuring your success so you can refine your strategies and make the biggest impact possible.

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