Artistic License: Q&A with Artist and Agent Cyn Silva

Artistic License: Q&A with Artist and Agent Cyn Silva

Art and The Agency go hand-in-hand—just ask Cyn Silva, a Bay Area-born agent now based in The Agency’s Scottsdale office whose one-of-a-kind mixed media design, “Energy,” has been spotlighted in Channel 12News’ special ART POPS series, which features standout creations by local artists and musicians. A video of “Energy” is available online, and has aired alongside local morning news shows. 
First created in 2020, the four-foot-by-five-foot piece is bold and stylish with a medley of eye-catching details—including sunglasses, a cell phone, a pair of bold red lips, and The Agency’s logo. “This piece is a perfect encapsulation of The Agency vibe and energy,” says Cyn. “Bold, bright, and beautiful.”
Initially designed to be a piece in her own office, Cyn’s “Energy” has since caught the eye of several colleagues at The Agency. Today, limited edition pieces of the work reside in Cyn’s Scottsdale office as well as in the home of CEO and founder, Mauricio Umansky. 
“There are quite a few art collectors within our company that I have created custom art pieces for,” notes Cyn. “Including Sean O’Neill, Ian Hurdle, Jill Fusari, Brad Gothberg, Angela Corrente, Kristen Petronio, Marilyn Cavanaugh, Tanner Riordan, and many more. I feel so grateful and touched that people appreciate how art can positively impact their day. If one of my pieces can bring a smile or evoke some feelings, then I feel I have achieved my goal.” 
“Art and real estate are such a great mix,” Cyn says. “For me, I love using both the left and right sides of my brain—and the combination of art and real estate allows me to do that every day. Making art keeps me balanced.” 
We asked Cyn a few more questions about “Energy,” her background in the art world, her favorite mediums, the connection between art and real estate, and more. 

How Long Have You Been Creating Art?

I started when I was 12 years old and I’ve never stopped!  At 12, I studied private art theory every Saturday and would display my work in local art galleries in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley areas. I earned my real estate license at age 22, and have been a full-time realtor ever since—but I never stopped making art. A following of collectors kept me busy—I was creating art for giant office lobbies throughout Silicon Valley, which was very rewarding. I then attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and continued to practice. Practice makes perfect in any type of skill or profession we do!

What Mediums Do You Like to Work With?

I love working with oil paint and palette knives. I know every medium—from watercolor and acrylic to charcoal, pencil, gouache, spray…you name it, I’ve most likely tried it. I have made some amazing friendships with interior designers, architects, and builders here in Scottsdale who regularly commission me for their clientele, so that has been a wonderful experience as well. 

Is There a Correlation Between Creating Art and Being a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate and art go hand in hand. In both fields, you have to be creative and pay close attention to detail. In real estate, you need to think outside the box in order to position and market homes well—and creativity is essential when creating art. 
As a token of my appreciation to my real estate clients, I sometimes give them an art piece after closing. The design is usually something about their home that inspired me—it could be the flowers on their walkway, maybe their cool retro pool, or a huge oak tree they had in their yard.

What Would You Say to Someone Who Is Curious About Creating Art but Doesn’t Know Where or How to Start?

They can talk to me! I firmly believe that everyone can create art. I love sharing my art tips and tricks with new artists. I actually started an artists’ coffee group that meets once a month! I love guiding and supporting others in their exploration of art, and would be happy to teach or answer questions—just reach out!
To get in touch with Cyn, email [email protected] or call 925.580.1430. Her work can also be found on her website

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