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Born in Watertown, New York, MJ McFarland spent his formative years in constant motion. Due to his father’s service in the U.S. Military, he lived in several cities and states, including Texas, where most of his upbringing took place. Along the way, he gained a first-hand understanding and appreciation for the moving process, knowledge that would serve him well upon deciding to pursue a career in the real estate business.

His outstanding athleticism enabled him to showcase his skills as a full scholarship football player at the University of Texas at Austin, and eventually to a career as a professional athlete in the National Football League. There, he was blessed with the opportunity to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, The New York Jets, and the Dallas Cowboys.

A man of many talents, MJ had a special interest in finance that began to grow more important during his football career. He focused his off the field energy on understanding how money works, not only the many ways to earn it, but also how to invest it, grow it and preserve it.

MJ’s awareness of the physical dangers and potential for career-ending injuries inherent in a sport like football, inspired him to prepare for life after professional sports. Applying a natural entrepreneurial mindset and leveraging his vast network, MJ created and became part of multiple companies, settling in the field of real estate as a Licensed Realtor, and most recently as a licensed Broker in the State of Texas.

MJ’s collaborative attitude and unparalleled understanding of the relocation process have helped him achieve enviable success. With career real estate sales exceeding $100 Million, he’s a go-to man for luxury home builders, developers, and clients looking to buy or sell in the greater Austin area. In addition, as a top 1% of all agents in Texas, he’s a trusted advisor to high profile figures in the sports and entertainment industries, partnering with professional athletes to help them grow their assets through real estate deals.

Active in community affairs and fully invested in improving the lives of disadvantaged minority kids, MJ is co-founder of Player’s Reach, a foundation that offers Austin's youth the opportunity to participate in events that promote team building, education, and life skills.


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