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Enid Cleland Dir. Commercial Div, CIPS, AHWD, CNEE
Is the epitome of excellence in the world of Luxury Residential & Commercial Real Estate. Her distinguished career traces its origins to the bustling streets of Wall Street, where she acquired a profound understanding of markets and the intricate art of deal structuring. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Enid consistently surpasses revenue targets and exhibits unwavering dedication to exceeding client expectations.
A true luminary in the industry, Enid is celebrated as an International Speaker, commanding prestigious stages at international events such as Inman Connect, WomanUp, HAR, NAR, and Inmocionate in Spain.
What sets Enid apart is not only her extraordinary career but her remarkable ability to forge deep connections with clients, demonstrating exceptional listening skills and an unwavering commitment to understanding and fulfilling their unique needs. To her, clients are not just transactions; they become friends and family. She embodies the essence of a fierce negotiator, leaving no stone unturned to ensure her clients' interests are protected and served.
Enid's leadership extends to a team of exceptional professionals, where she fosters collaboration and upholds the highest standards of service. As a Brand Ambassador and Connector, her extensive network spans both the United States and international realms. Her bilingual proficiency, coupled with her Wall Street background and international experience, equips her with a global perspective that she seamlessly integrates into every endeavor.
With a wealth of global experience, Enid has lived in Europe for many years. Growing up in an international family, she developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, languages, and lifestyles, which enriches her ability to connect with clients from all corners of the world.
Enid's versatility extends to her professional portfolio. She has successfully worked with and sold various types of properties, not limited to homes, but also RV Parks, Industrial Buildings, 1031 Exchange, retail, and hospitality, among others. No matter what the client needs, Enid's expertise and commitment ensure a seamless and successful transaction.
Beyond her impressive career, Enid is deeply committed to serving her community. Having served as a board member of the homeless nonprofit organization, Magnificat Houses, she dedicated her time and passion to serving the homeless and displaced women, reflecting her unwavering passion for giving back and serving her community.
Enid Cleland stands as the go-to expert for discerning clients seeking confidentiality and excellence in their real estate ventures. Her distinguished career, unparalleled negotiation skills, and unwavering commitment to her clients, whom she treats as friends and family, make her the ultimate choice for those in pursuit of excellence in the luxury, global, and commercial real estate market.

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